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Details and Duties

Posted by Lee Burns on August 18, 2015

McCallie School Headmaster Lee Burns '87
Convocation, August 17, 2015

Good morning, and welcome to the 111th opening of a McCallie school year. I especially want to extend a warm welcome to the many of you who are new to McCallie this year.

As a student body of 935 boys, you have joined McCallie from 24 states and 8 countries. Among the 6th grade alone, you represent 28 different elementary schools. There is something special about McCallie that has drawn you to this place. There is something special about you that has caused the school to select you from the many, many other people who wish they were here.

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Working Hard, Playing Hard

Posted by Billy Faires on July 09, 2015

At McCallie, athletics is an important tool in a comprehensive educational program

From the Summer 2015 issue of McCallie Magazine

Wesley Brown takes the ball and drives across the left side of the soccer field in the Blue Tornado’s TSSAA state playoff game against Saint Benedict Academy.

The fourth-generation McCallie student moves quickly down the field as his teammates surge forward, and an SBA defender scrambles to keep pace. Brown looks toward the goal, gets past a defender and sends the ball toward the center of the field in front of the net.

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Practicing What I Teach

Posted by Faculty Contributor on July 09, 2015

By John Lambert

Since 1969, I have spent my life in schools, cycling through roughly the same yearly schedule of fall beginnings and summer endings. One might imagine that this routine could become tiresome but for me it never has. As a student and then a teacher, school communities have nourished and fascinated me, providing as they do a template by which to gauge a whole range of human experience. In August of 1986, I entered my first McCallie classroom. I was 21 years old and looked, it would seem, much younger than that. Dean Sholl’s wife, Penny, likes to tell the story of the day I was moving into North Hutch where they lived with two small boys; she offered to help me out, mistaking me for a lost boarder who had arrived on campus a few days early.

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Debts: Baccalaureate Address

Posted by Student Contributor on May 18, 2015

By James Westbrooks

McCallie School 2015 Grayson Medalist, Walker Casey Award Recipient

We are all looking forward to tomorrow and the opportunity to join the long blue line of impressive alumni. In addition to graduating from a fine institution like McCallie, there is another side benefit: post-graduation gifts.

No one can deny it, we all love pulling the intricate ribbon off a box and tearing open an envelope to see what treasures lie within. We will be excited to find monetary gifts, material goods perhaps in the form of college dorm necessities, and of course the intangible gifts… love and support for the future.

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A Lucky Burden: Valedictory Address

Posted by Student Contributor on May 18, 2015

By David Bowman

McCallie School 2015 Co-Valedictorian

I’ve recently come to terms with the following fact: Wesley and I have faces that, across all grounds and often from considerable distances, attract homeless people. What happened while Wesley and I were driving just outside of McCallie’s gates junior year laid the groundwork for the realization of this oddity. After an exhausting soccer practice that spring, we were craving some grease-covered “Famous Chicken n’ Biscuits” as we often do.

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