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More Than Just A Game

Posted by Kenny Sholl on May 11, 2011

Men of McCallie,

A funny thing happens on the Ridge this time of year. The seniors seem to rediscover their passion for the game of 4-square….or whatever it is called these days. While I am amused by this ritual of spring, I understand the feelings and sentiments that go with it. Some of you fellows have spent over one-third of your lives on this campus. Many of your “firsts” occurred here with your classmates. Playing 4-square once again, completes the cycle in a fitting sort of way. Even the boarders, who were not yet here to play the game in middle school, seem to sense its significance and join in. It gives me a warm feeling and it is fun to watch.

A senior came by the office today to film my response to several questions as part of the Senior Assembly. His last question was, “Do you have any words of advice for the seniors next year?” Of course I do:

  • Live honorably.
  • Make a difference.
  • Pursue your passions.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • GO TO CLASS!!!!!

Seniors, enjoy your “down” time after exams. Be sure to make good decisions next week and return in good form to the memorable time that is Graduation Weekend on the Ridge. I am looking forward to it.

With fond memories,
Dean Sholl

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