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Staying Connected

Posted by Robert W on April 24, 2014

McCallie's Information Systems Director Robert Wilson and his staff ensure that the school’s students and faculty are ahead of the curve with technology.

McCallie School has a long history of computing. In the 1970s, McCallie was one of the first schools to have an electronic student scheduling system. Among its other school technology firsts were an online student information system, paperless communication and the implementation of a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) program. Today, McCallie continues to apply technology for academic and administrative use throughout. The Information Technology Department supports these uses by providing a reliable network, telephone, computing and application infrastructure. Historically, many applications were developed in-house.  Read More

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"Flipping for Technology"

Posted by Robert W on February 25, 2013

 (L-R) Sixth-graders Max Ransom, Wright Conklin, Thomas Sell

Y equals F of X denotes that Y is a function of X,” says the voice. Sawyer Lyons taps the screen on his Asus Android tablet a few times. The voice repeats the statement. “Y equals F of X denotes that Y is a function of X.”

Sawyer, a McCallie School seventh-grader, is viewing a video lecture by his accelerated Algebra I teacher Cary Hubbard. He is studying the “introduction to functions” lesson in the comfort of his own home, feet propped up.

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