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Practicing What I Teach

Posted by Faculty Contributor on July 09, 2015

By John Lambert

Since 1969, I have spent my life in schools, cycling through roughly the same yearly schedule of fall beginnings and summer endings. One might imagine that this routine could become tiresome but for me it never has. As a student and then a teacher, school communities have nourished and fascinated me, providing as they do a template by which to gauge a whole range of human experience. In August of 1986, I entered my first McCallie classroom. I was 21 years old and looked, it would seem, much younger than that. Dean Sholl’s wife, Penny, likes to tell the story of the day I was moving into North Hutch where they lived with two small boys; she offered to help me out, mistaking me for a lost boarder who had arrived on campus a few days early.

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Awakening to Privilege

Posted by Sumner McCallie on December 22, 2014

Sumner McCallie, Academic Dean at McCallie School, was asked to reflect on his summer 2014 journey to Cambodia by Where There Be Dragons, the group with which he traveled. The following was included in their bi-annual publication.

As an educator who has led international trips for two decades, I have watched countless students confront the reality of their American lifestyle and wealth compared to the situations of the local folks with whom we have worked to build homes or dig wells or preserve forest resources. I have seen students figuratively, and occasionally literally, stopped dead in their tracks in shock at the daily challenges our new friends face to find food or firewood or freedom.

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Creative in the Cold

Posted by Robert W on December 16, 2013

(Upper School English teacher Erin Tocknell used a study grant to spend part of her summer in Iceland.)

I became interested in Iceland after reading “The Geography of Bliss,” which a student-led group had chosen for their McCallie summer reading. American author Eric Weiner devotes a chapter of the book to describing Iceland as a place steeped in creative energy. As a writer and teacher who spends her days trying to awaken such energy in her students, I was intrigued. What makes Iceland’s populace one of the happiest in the world? What drives so many of them to create?

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The Power of Integrity

Posted by Faculty Contributor on September 08, 2011

By Jim Carlone
Faculty Advisor to the Senate

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An Incident

Posted by Faculty Contributor on January 13, 2011

By Ken Henry

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