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Posted by Billy Faires on March 05, 2015

In the Upper School Chapel on Wednesday, March 4, Headmaster Lee Burns '87 went to the podium to speak. His remarks follow:

Of the many characteristics that I admire in people, at or near the top of my list would be resilience: the determination to keep going, to keep fighting, no matter the odds or circumstances, despite the pain or obstacles. Resilience is a combination of courage, passion and discipline, and it is rare in today’s world.

In my first few months here at McCallie, I’ve seen resilience displayed in different ways, but there is one example that is particularly extraordinary and inspiring.

As students at McCallie, you naturally interact with and get to know your teachers, advisors, deans and coaches. Yet there are many people here you probably don’t get to know, or maybe even know of, and yet their roles here are essential.

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