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Five current seniors earn National AP Scholar honors in Advanced Placement Testing

Posted by McCallie Communications and Marketing on September 07, 2017

NationalAPScholars17.jpgMcCallie once again excelled in Advanced Placement exams over the past year, with results significantly stronger than state and national norms and with scores unmatched in the region. Most notably, 13 students — including five current seniors in the Class of 2018 — were awarded the highest honor of National AP Scholar for earning 4 or higher on eight or more AP exams and having an average score of at least 4 on all AP exams.

AP exams are rigorous, national subject-area tests that measure high levels of achievement and preparation. Scores range from 1-5, with 4's and 5's being very difficult to attain.

“AP exams are high-level by design, so it’s quite extraordinary that one school would have more than 100 perfect scores in one year,” said Headmaster Lee Burns ‘87. “We are proud that our boys are willing to challenge themselves to go beyond the common high school academic experience.”

McCallie students took 455 AP exams in 18 different subjects and scored almost a full point higher than the national average.

Ninety-one McCallie students earned distinction as AP Scholars at various levels for high performance on multiple AP exams in the 2016-2017 school year:

  • Thirteen boys — five underclassmen and eight members of the class of 2017 — were named National AP Scholars for earning scores of 4 or higher on eight or more AP exams and having an average score of at least 4 on all AP exams.
  • Two of McCallie’s National AP Scholars — current senior Allen Liu and last year’s salutatorian Simon Li ‘17 — have scored perfect scores of 5 on all 21 AP exams they have taken.
  • Those 13 National Scholars were joined by another 29 McCallie students for a total of 42 students named as AP Scholars with Distinction for having scores of 3 or higher on five or more AP exams and averaging at least 3.5 on all exams.
  • Fourteen students were named AP Scholars with Honor for scoring 3 or higher on four or more AP exams and averaging 3.25 on all exams.
  • And 35 McCallie students were named AP Scholars for earning scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams.

McCallie students received a 3 or higher on 84 percent (384) of the AP exams they took and earned a score of 4 or higher on 59 percent of the exams taken.

"Once again, our faculty have prepared the students well as demonstrated by superb scores,” Dean of Faculty and Curriculum Sumner McCallie said. “AP courses are meant to be challenging, both in amount of content covered and in depth of thought and analysis required. To have students do so well and at the same time love the course experiences speaks volumes about the kinds of teaching happening here."

"We are proud of our student's success, but that is defined not just by top scores, but by the large number of students willing to challenge themselves with an AP course and the determination they show in mastering such volume of information as well as developing the skills of deep reading, articulate writing and cogent analysis required."

In individual testing numbers, AP English Lit was the most popular choice at McCallie in 2017, with 68 students taking the exam. World History was second with 55 students taking the exam, followed by 53 for the U.S. History AP exam.

McCallie’s top subject in AP testing was a perfect 5 average score by all three students taking the Latin exam. McCallie students averaged a score of 4 or better on seven AP exams in 2017. After European History, those subjects were:

  • European History — average score of 4.5
  • Physics-Mechanics — average score of 4.33
  • Economics-Micro — average score of 4.16
  • Spanish — average score of 4.15
  • Latin-E&M — average score of 4.05
  • Chemistry — average score of 4.04

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