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"Flipping for Technology"

Posted by Robert W on February 25, 2013

 (L-R) Sixth-graders Max Ransom, Wright Conklin, Thomas Sell

Y equals F of X denotes that Y is a function of X,” says the voice. Sawyer Lyons taps the screen on his Asus Android tablet a few times. The voice repeats the statement. “Y equals F of X denotes that Y is a function of X.”

Sawyer, a McCallie School seventh-grader, is viewing a video lecture by his accelerated Algebra I teacher Cary Hubbard. He is studying the “introduction to functions” lesson in the comfort of his own home, feet propped up.

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Meet the 2012 Faculty Fellows

Posted by Robert W on February 14, 2013

The McCallie Faculty Fellows program annually rewards outstanding educators at the school who make a positive impact on both the academic and character development of their students. Former Board of Trustees Chairman Ed Michaels ’60 proposed his plan for the development of a faculty fellows program several years ago, and it was born in 2008. It is designed to acknowledge outstanding faculty members during their professional review year. A committee will select the Fellows from the review pool and award each a $2,500 supplement per year for four years, funded through an endowment established by Mr. Michaels.

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Investing Well

Posted by Robert W on November 09, 2010

By Mary McCandless

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