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Students Need More Sleep and Later Starts

Posted by Lee Burns on January 05, 2015

By Lee Burns '87, Headmaster

The Upper School students erupted with enthusiastic applause when we announced it at the end of Chapel. Middle school students gave me high fives when I walked into their art class. The grateful emails began pouring in from parents within minutes.

No, our school community wasn’t universally excited about a recent football win. We decided to start the school day later so our boys could get more sleep.

Many issues within schools are hotly debated, with research and compelling reasons on either side. That adolescents need more sleep, and that they perform better when they get more of it, is without dispute.

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A Christmas List Worth Wanting

Posted by Lee Burns on December 11, 2014

The following talk was delivered by Headmaster Lee Burns '87 to the Upper School student body in Chapel on December 10, 2014.

Photo from Candlelight 2014 by Lawson Whitaker

I want to begin by thanking the 150 or so of you who participated in Candlelight this past weekend. Your music was beautiful, and it helped me to begin to prepare my heart and mind for the holiday season. December is a holy time for Jews and Christians, and If you are celebrating Hanukkah or Christmas in the upcoming days, I hope it is a special time for you and your family.

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Ferguson: Its Implications for Us

Posted by Lee Burns on December 02, 2014

Headmaster Lee Burns '87 delivered the following remarks to the Upper School student body and faculty in Chapel on Monday, December 1, the first day of classes following Thanksgiving Break.

I hope each of you enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving. I want to take several minutes to share with you some thoughts about an important event that happened while we were on break and some potential implications for us as a community.

Around 9:15 last Monday evening in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch held a press conference to announce that the Grand Jury, a panel of 12 ordinary citizens, determined that there was not enough evidence to justify that charges of murder or manslaughter be brought against police officer Darren Wilson, who had shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown on the afternoon of August 9, 2014.

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