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News Beyond the Ridge: School Life

Posted by Billy Faires on October 21, 2011

This week's News Beyond the Ridge looks at articles surrounding the high school experience and issues of single-sex education. McCallie Headmaster Kirk Walker is fond of stressing that McCallie is not a "single-sex" school, but rather a school that is and has been since its first day about educating boys.

Article Makes Case for the Academic Value of Extracurriculars
Activities at school beyond the classroom like sports, drama club, yearbook, and jazz band are worth protecting in tight fiscal times, contends a new article. "...a growing body of research says there is a link between after-school activities and graduating from high school, going to college, and becoming a responsible citizen."
Education Week "Curriculum Matters" blog, October 12


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Twentysomethings: "STUCK"

Posted by Billy Faires on October 20, 2011

"we had a PC education—people tried to hide from us as long as possible that not everyone is equal
we were told we all have a fair chance of making it
that’s just not so
and we’re starting to realize that"

A piece this week in New York Magazine entitled "The Kids Are Actually Sort of Alright" is eye-opening and depressing, and the author was interviewed yesterday on "Morning Joe." (Warning: The author is a 20-something in New York writing about 20-somethings; ergo, her article contains numerous expletives.)

Forty-five percent of young adults (ages 16-29) are currently unemployed, the highest percentage since World War II, according to the article. If you are a current college student, consider your roommate. Statistically speaking, one of you won't have a job -- possibly for years -- after you graduate, but you'll likely have plenty of debt.

This is the environment into which this current generation of students must trudge, and there is a lot of (understandable) hand-wringing about the parent/educator part in it.

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News Beyond the Ridge: College & Career

Posted by Billy Faires on October 13, 2011

In College Transition, Life Changes for Siblings Left Behind
A nuanced look into the pros and cons, the challenges and the rewards of home life for the younger sibling(s) after their older counterpart moves away to college.
Washington Post, October 3

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