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McCallie Men Make Esquire

Posted by Billy Faires on February 15, 2012


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The McCallie Culinary Club was the recent focus of's "Eat Like A Man" blog. In hindsight, the match seems a matter of fate. What place more suited to know what it is to eat like a man than the Land of the Fourth Meal*?

Harry Phillips, a senior day student and one of the four founding members of the club, wrote a great piece summarizing McCallie's place in the Esquire landscape:

At an all-male prep school, there is a heavy emphasis on academics, sports, and the arts, but learning how to cook (whether it be for ourselves, our families, or even a date every now and then) was left out of our curriculum. We recruited a team of athletes, artists, actors, and aspiring chefs, and coined a motto for the McCallie Culinary Club: "We Stew, We Brew, We Grill, We Chill." With a copy of the Eat Like A Man cookbook as our bible, and McCallie's on-campus kitchen as our cathedral, we have taken the student body by storm.


Although our clubs are only allotted about 45 minutes a week, we have had incredible success in almost every category of cooking. Our faculty's willingness to provide guidance and fresh ingredients from on-campus gardens, coupled with a generous grant from our student leadership organization, has given us the opportunity to create everything from guacamole to bread pudding to our most recent meal, steak tacos. The interest we've sparked within our community is exciting, but our journey has only just begun. We have our eyes on a multitude of Eat Like a Man recipes for the remainder of the semester, and plan on hosting a cookout before a sporting event with our cross-town rivals to raise a little money. As for the four of us who founded the Culinary Club, there's nothing more rewarding than seeing a satisfied look on the faces of a student body that includes young men from all over America and even different parts of the world.

We coined a motto for the McCallie Culinary Club: "We Stew, We Brew, We Grill, We Chill."

Also included in the action was English teacher and McCallie's resident poet Kemmer Anderson, but to read it, you'll need to go check out the Esquire blog for yourself!

* -- Fourth Meal, McCallie dining hall's every-evening post-study hall offering, has been a staple of the McCallie student culinary habits for over a decade, long before places like Taco Bell bragged of such a thing.

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