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The Fellowship is the Thing

Posted by Kenny Sholl on December 13, 2011

By Kenny Sholl

For the last 15 years on the Friday afternoon after Thanksgiving, my son and I have put up a star on the side of the hill right below our home on campus.  I am sure most of you have seen it.  It is quite a tedious task as we build it from scratch and work very hard to make it as “geometrically sound” as possible.

This year we must have started over at least a half a dozen times.  We just had to get it as close to perfect as possible.  My wife finally came out of the house and informed us that it was “close enough” and that we should be satisfied.  Finally, on the seventh try, as it was getting dark, we nailed it!

Looking back on the experience, I realize that it was not a desire for perfection that drove us to keep trying.  It was that fact that we were having fun working together on the star and, without either one of us admitting it, we didn’t want the job to be finished.

Most of the good times in our lives are not so much about what we are doing, but more about the people we are with.  I was really sad when the football season came to an end, because I enjoyed being out there with the guys on the team every afternoon.  Believe it or not, I am usually ready to come back to school after a long break for the same reason.

Men, in this season of the year when there are so many things to do, keep in mind that it is more about the people than the place or event.

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