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Posted by Faculty Contributor on November 22, 2010

Dear McCallie Parents,

Last week, the school dedicated a new sculpture entitled "Raising Men." The work is composed of two life-sized figures. One figure is a teenage boy wearing standard McCallie attire and staring into the distance. To his side, but slightly behind him, is his mother; her hand is on his shoulder; her eyes are fixed on him.

Symbolically the boy is looking into his future with all of its potential. The mother, equipped with years of experience and wisdom, sees her son as a child, a teenager, and a grown man all in that one gaze. Her posture suggests both her love and her encouragement.

Dedicating this sculpture served as a powerful reminder of the key role that parents play. It also reminds us of the sacrifice that you have made in allowing McCallie to join with you in this important effort.

In this season of Thanksgiving and on behalf of the trustees, faculty and staff, we offer you our deep gratitude for giving us the opportunity to walk beside your sons on their journey to become men.


Thank You,


Dr. R. Kirk Walker Jr. is a 1969 graduate of McCallie School and has served as McCallie's headmaster since 1999. 

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