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The Longest Stretch

Posted by Kenny Sholl on October 14, 2010

Men of McCallie,

I want to thank the seniors for the great work you did in helping restore the ground of Chickamauga Battlefield to its 1863 condition. It was fun helping you rake mulch, carry logs, kill privet, etc. While you certainly made a difference, the most rewarding thing for me was the positive attitude and kindred spirit you displayed while performing your “duties.” I am grateful to you and to the faculty members who volunteered to go with us to the Park. Good stuff.

Congratulations for finishing the longest stretch of uninterrupted school days we will have for the entire year; 39 school days/ 8 weeks. I can sense that you are ready for a break. You can probably sense that the faculty feels the same way.

Men, one of the key traits of a gentleman is to have the capacity to apologize without qualification.

It has been a good year so far. You men have already accomplished quite a bit in the first eight weeks of school:

  • My compliments go out to the members of the Crew team for totally dominating their age group in the Chattanooga Head race
  • The Debate team won a tournament at Yale which had nearly 150 teams competing
  • The Cross Country team is very strong, and our JV team could beat the varsity runners in most schools (reminder: Sports Illustrated covered McCallie's unique cross country situation this summer)
  • The Football team has been competitive in every game and got back on the winning track last week. Thanks for your hard work in spite of some tough losses
  • Of course the Golf team absolutely crushed the competition at the state tournament
  • We have 20 seniors who have been recognized as national scholars in the PSAT/NMSQT competition

Men, one of the key traits of a gentleman is to have the capacity to apologize without qualification. An apology that begins with the phrase, “If I have offended anyone……” is not a true apology. If you make a mistake, apologize without excuse and determine never to make the same mistake again.

Another trait of a gentleman that goes hand-in-hand with a sincere apology is the willingness to forgive others. Holding a grudge takes too much time and energy and is very detrimental to maintaining a healthy community. We all make mistakes. Let’s strive to be a community whose members sincerely apologize and forgive without condition.

Men, I hope you have a great fall break. By the way, GET YOUR HAIR TRIMMED WHILE YOU ARE OUT OF SCHOOL!

With appreciation,

Dean Sholl

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